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Home Learning Tasks - Please see resources below

Hawk Class

Week beginning 19th October 2020


Below are some suggestions for home learning activities. Where possible the resources have been provided. We fully understand that you may not have all the resources at home to carry out every task.


Internet Safety


Please make sure your children are supervised when using the internet. The sources below have been checked internally at school. Please check them again before sharing with your children to ensure that your internet settings are blocking any undesirable content.



We are learning about writing non-chronological reports.


You will be writing a non-chronological report about Native Americans using a template. Look at the Non-Chronological Report Mat and discuss what the main features of this kind of text is. (See English resources)


Find out more about Native Americans using the following link:


Then write about what you have found out on the non-chronological report template.


Other Activities

Complete the capital letters and full stop sheet

Verbs sorting activity *easy **medium ***hard




The following reading activities have three levels * easy ** medium and *** hard

Choose the appropriate level for your child and support them in completing the reading comprehension activity. (See English resources)



Garden Birds

Roald Dhal


Very easy

The Pup is in the Mud

The Big Dig



Continue to practice your handwriting using the booklets in the resources folder from week 7. Remember to start on the line and keep your letters a consistent height. There are some additional resources in this week’s handwriting folder.



Easier and harder handwriting sheet

Pattern control pencil worksheet

Wind on the hill poem



Mental Maths

Practice counting forwards and backwards from 0 to 100 in 1s


Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s


We are learning about addition and subtraction



Work through the sheet Adding and subtracting pairs of 2-digit numbers. You can use an empty number line (use blank paper to draw) or a 100-square to help you. Count on or back in 10s then in 1s to find your answer.



Work through the presentation Against the Clock. Then support your child completing a sheet of additions and subtractions. Time how long it takes them. Try to complete a second sheet ad beat your time.


Then try some of the word questions.



Adding and subtracting pairs of 2-digit numbers.

Against the Clock question cards

Lesson Presentation Against the Clock.





We are finding out how the Native Americans used a talking stick


Native Americans used a talking stick to help them listen to each other. The person holding the talking stick was the only person who was allowed to talk. The sticks were many different designs. Look at the pictures of talking sticks in the resources.


Read the story of the talking stick (see resources).


Then look at the following web site:

This will give you more information about the talking stick. Gather some different materials and try to make your own talking stick.








 We are learning about Native American Totem Poles


Click on the link to find out more about Native Americans.


Research different totem pole designs and then draw a sketch of your own design. Remember to label each part to explain what each carving represents.




As part of our food technology and life skills we are encouraging pupils to make simple hot food by following a recipe.


This week we will be making beans on toast. If your child does not like beans you can substitute the beans for something else they like.


In the resource file you will find a simple recipe for baked beans. Please support your child in following the recipe and cooking safely and hygienically.




We are learning about recognising our emotions


Work through the Feelings presentation with your child and talk about the different emotions.  Encourage them to give you some examples of when they might experience these emotions and how they feel.



Feelings presentation

Complete the Facial Expressions activity sheet.


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