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Kestrel Class Remote Learning 14.12.20

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Life Skills













Topic: Fallen Fields (WW1)

Focus: Remembrance, Helping each other


Monday 14th:

Maths; Practise counting objects up to 10.

The link has a range of games for you to play which will build your confidence counting up to 10.

PHSE; How do we keep ourselves healthy?

What clothes are best to wear in the cold weather? Think about the clothes you have and what you need to have on if you go out for a walk on a winter’s day. Draw a picture of yourself wrapped up warm if you can.

PE; Star Jumping.

Can you see how many times you can do a star jump up and down without stopping? Give yourself a few minutes’ rest then try hopping. Can you do more or less?

Sensory: To help with your listening skills this task is asking you to listen out and recognise the different sounds and then find the correct picture to go with the sound.

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.



English; Performing a story.

Watch the video with Michael Rosen performing his story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and then see if you can join in with the actions too.        

Food Tech; Try to make some easy cupcakes.

Use the instruction sheet to help you.

Topic; Christmas is nearly here!

Can you make your own paper chains to brighten up your room at Christmas? You can use old magazines or anything which has colour and cut the pages into strips.

Sensory: Can you make your own rainmaker? The link shows you how J

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.


Life Skills; Practise writing your name clearly with a pencil.

Try some wavy lines first to build your confidence and then some lines to practise the control needed to stop.

Science; Rainbow bubbles

This is a lovely sensory activity which is easy to prepare but lots of fun can be had to! You can mix primary colours which will create new colours and lots of discussion. 

English; Read the ‘Silent Night’ poem together.

What do you think is special about Christmas?

Sensory: Rainbow bubbles is linked to Science too. The video is a quick look at how to make it then you can spend lots of time exploring it!

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.



Maths; Which direction are you going?

Can you direct your grown up around the room using forward, backwards, left and right to get then to the other side safely?

English; Mr Thorne Does Phonics – k.

What is around the house which has the k sound?

PE; Outdoor walk.

As you travel around your local environment, can you see how many different Christmas lights are about? Also, when you stop at the kerb to cross a road can you quickly do 5 star jumps?

Sensory: Open a window and sit and listen without saying anything. Close your eyes. What can you hear? Open your eyes. Is it what you thought it was?

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.



English; Mr Thorne Does Phonics – e.

What is around the house which has the e sound?

Creative Arts; It’s almost Christmas J

Could you try making your Christmas tree with decorations using junk modelling? You could add colour by using old magazines or paper you no longer need.

Life Skills; Practise writing the digits 1 – 10. Talk about how many groups of things you see or hear about a lot. For example, 3 lights on the traffic lights, 5 toes on our feet, 2 hands on your body, 3 bears in the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears etc.

Sensory: Try and use as many different textures as you can for your Christmas tree. Have you got any old material you could cut up and help to enhance the sensory feelings? Maybe some old decorations could be recycled on your new tree too.

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.

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