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Home Learning Tasks - Please see resources below

Hawk Class

Week beginning 12th October 2020


Below are some suggestions for home learning activities. Where possible the resources have been provided. We fully understand that you may not have all the resources at home to carry out every task.


Internet Safety


Please make sure your children are supervised when using the internet. The sources below have been checked internally at school. Please check them again before sharing with your children to ensure that your internet settings are blocking any undesirable content.



We are learning about the Native Americans.


Look at the information about the Native American tribe following the link below.


Read through the information and complete the quiz at the bottom.


Using the headings below to organise your writing. Write about what you have found out about the Iroquois tribe. Make sure your letters sit on the line and you underline your headings.


Who were the Iroquois? Where did they live? What were their homes like? What did they wear?



Lined paper

Web link



Read the following stories and complete the comprehension tasks. You can find these in the resources folder.



At the top of the hill

I can



Buffalo and Eagle Wing

How bison came to roam the earth myth



Practice your handwriting using the booklets in the resources folder. Remember to start on the line and keep your letters a consistent height.



Easier and harder handwriting sheet



We are learning about addition and subtraction



Go through the Number Square Power Point. Encourage your child to use the number square to support calculations. Then ask them to complete the activity sheet.


Activity Worksheet

Adding 2-digit numbers and 10s, use the 100-square to help you.



Share the Lesson Presentation We are going on a number hunt with your child. Talk through the different strategies for adding and subtracting 100s to 3-digit numbers. Then ask them to complete the activity sheet.


Activity Worksheet

Space themed activity sheets



We have been learning about electrical circuits. We have made our own circuits and tested materials for conducting and insulating electricity.


We are learning how to draw a circuit diagram using symbols.


Share the Introduction to Circuits presentation. Talk about how different components are drawn as symbols in circuit diagrams. Then complete the worksheet. There are 3 levels of difficulty. See the resource folder.


Interpreting and drawing circuit diagrams easy* medium** hard***



We are learning how to make detail sketches


Look at pictures of Native Iroquois longhouses and make a detailed sketch to show their shape and form.



We are learning how to make simple hot food

Before cooking talk to your child about the importance of washing their hands before preparing food.

Explain to your child that they will be making themselves some hot food. This could be for a lunch snack. If they do not like cheese they could make beans on toast instead. They need to take special care when using the grill and take precautions such as using oven gloves. They will need to be supervised by an adult at all times when using the oven.


Support your child in following the instructions sheet. Encourage them to have a go at grating the cheese and slicing the tomatoes.



Welsh Rarebit instructions.


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