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Please find below home learning resources: 

Maple Class- home Learning 8.2.21


Chinese New year this week – so the main focus will be learning about it and DT and Art connected to it.

There is also a DT project to work through at your leisure using the internet or books to find out the information.

Don’t forget it’s Internet safety week

There are some possible resources to look through below.

Week 6


Use phonics play to find a range of games for your child

Also if you have any apps on phones or ipads at home explore theses too all week.


Literacy- speaking and listening

Chinese New year


LO: To be able to remember and act out the Chinese new year story.


Watch the powerpoint on the Chinese New year and discuss.

Then watch the animated version using shadow puppets


Today we are going to pick a plain mask and make it into an animal then cut it out to be able to act out the story.


Key questions

Can they remember the order of the animals?

Resources: Powerpoint, plain masks, small puppets


LO: To be able to act out the story using puppets.  


Recap the story can they act it out – crossing the river and remembering the order of the story- ask your child to think about what sentences the animals might say.


Adults to scribe and your child to copy onto pictures of the animals with attached speech bubbles.






Think about what practical maths you can do at home.

Can you collect some data about favourite food or animal or TV programme? Then turn it into a bar chart perhaps?


Can you weigh some ingredients when helping to cook – looking carefully at the scales and measurements.


Can you look for 2d and 3 d shapes in and around your environment.



Internet safety week (includes resources for different age groups from 5 – 18, as well as parents/carers.


Resources : Powerpoint, design a poster, word search



DT project- go through completing a bit each day- looking at habitats.


Resources: DT booklet


Make sure you read every day and make sure you practice writing your full name whenever you can.


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