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Monday 6th July

Life skills – Practise fastening your own clothes including buttons, zips and laces.


Maths – shape


Reading – Explore phonic games on Letters and Sounds website


Cooking –


Tuesday 7th July

Maths -


English – The jam sanwich


Reading – read a favourite book or listen to an adult read a book to you.


Wednesday 8th July

Maths –


English –


Reading – Watch a video from Mr Thorne does phonics

Phase 2: t

Phase 3: w


Phase 4: Read a sentence or two from a favourite book



Science – identify the 5 senses. Point to ears, eyes, nose, mouth and hands for each sense. Then go on a sense hunt round your house and garden to see what you can smell


Thursday 9th July

Maths –


English –  


Reading – read a book to an adult to listen to an adult read a book to you


Friday 10th July



Geography – vitamins


Art – this term’s theme is all about fruit and vegetables and sculptures.


Reading – Watch a phonic tricky word video

Phase 2    

Phase 3

Phase 4



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