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Kestrel Class Remote Learning 30.11.20

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Life Skills




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Life Skills









Monday 30th:

Maths; Practise counting objects up to 10.

Have a group of objects to be counted. Use a ‘pointy finger’ to count one at a time, ensuring each object is only counted once and none are missed out. What is 1 more? What is 1 less?

PHSE; How do we keep ourselves healthy? Practise making a healthy meal together; think about the different food types and how they help us grow into healthy adults.

PE; Aiming skills. Roll up a piece of paper and see if you can get into a box from a short distance. Slowly progress by moving away from the box

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.



English; Choose your favourite story book at home. Share it with a grown up.

Why do you like it? Is it fiction or non-fiction? Draw a picture to tell us about the best part of the story. 

Food Tech; Make a hot drink together.

Use the instruction sheet to help you.

Topic; Who helps us in the community.

Look at the pictures and talk about the different jobs people do to help us stay safe and well.  

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.


Life Skills; Practise writing your name clearly with a pencil.

Science; Look around the home to see what is a solid matter and what is liquid.

Freeze some water into an ice cube tray to see what happens? Once they are frozen, leave them out and observe the changes.

English; Read the ‘Robin’ poem together.

We have a robin who visits us every day in school. Using the template provided, can you compose a poem about a robin?

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.



Maths; Look for 2D shapes around the house.

Count the sides to help you identify the right shape.

English; Mr Thorne Does Phonics – d.

What is around the house which has the d sound?

PE; Balancing skills.

Can you try lots of different balances you have been doing in school? Think about being on your feet and also other parts of your body.

Extension tasks: Write a diary of your activities.



English; Mr Thorne Does Phonics – c. What is around the house which has the c sound?

Performing Arts; The Remembrance service. Watch from 1:21:50. Listen to the song and then the Last Post.

How does the music make you feel? When have you heard this music before?

Life Skills; Practise writing the digits 1 – 10. Talk about how many groups of things you see or hear about a lot. For example, 3 lights on the traffic lights, 5 toes on our feet, 2 hands on your body, 3 bears in the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears etc.

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