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Monday 29th June  

Life skills – Practise brushing your own teeth.


Maths – Daily activities on website


Reading – Explore phonic games on Letters and Sounds website


Cooking – Make a fruit crumble. See recipe.


Tuesday 30th June


Maths – Daily activities on website


English – The Giant Jam Sandwich. Look at the front cover and discuss what you can see. What do you think the story will be about and why? Read the story/watch the video

Choose the activity suited to your child’s needs:

  • Write a book review. What was your favourite part?
  • Ask pupils questions about the book. Write one or two words about the book.
  • Match the symbols to the pictures in the book


Reading – read a favourite book or listen to an adult read a book to you.


Wednesday 1st July


Maths – Daily activities on website

or times tables worksheets


English – Watch the story Giant Jam Sandwich – make a jam sandwich. 


Reading – Watch a video from Mr Thorne does phonics

Phase 2: a

Phase 3: v


Phase 4: Read a sentence or two from a favourite book


Science – identify the 5 senses. Point to ears, eyes, nose, mouth and hands for each sense. Then go on a sense hunt round your house and garden to see what you can touch.


Thursday 2nd July


Maths – Daily activities on website

or multiplication and division worksheets


English –  watch the video Giant Jam Sandwich. Choose the activity to suit your child’s needs:

  • Sequence the pictures in the right order and then write sentences to describe how to make a jam sandwich
  • Sequence the pictures of how to make a jam sandwich independently. Then tell an adult what you want to write for each picture and then copy write it.
  • Sequence the pictures to show how to make a jam sandwich


Reading – read a book to an adult to listen to an adult read a book to you


Friday 3rd July

English – Watch the video of Giant Jam Sandwich. Choose the activity that suits your child’s needs

  • Use the bee worksheet and label the different parts of the bee and what they do
  • Sequence the pictures of the bee life cycle in order. Write a sentence for each picture
  • Make the bee playdough and make a bee


History – Find out about James Lind? Who was he? What did he find out?

Choose the activity that suit your child’s needs

  • James Lind Quiz cards
  • Vitamin C sorting worksheet
  • Vitamin C foods sorting symbols


Art – Design a box or packaging for a take away sandwich


Reading – Watch a phonic tricky word video

Phase 2    

Phase 3

Phase 4



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  • International School Award
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