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Please find below home learning resources:


Snow story - THE STORY OF SNOW Read Aloud Book For Kids - YouTube (

Titanic stories

Titanic For Kids - Bing video (

Top 5 Facts about the Titanic - Bing video (

Icebergs - interesting information

This is the Biggest Iceberg of All Time - Bing video (

10 BIGGEST Iceberg Calving Events - Bing video (

English now you have been inspired by some interesting stories write your own. Here are some sentence openers to get you started, chose your favourite and write an icy adventure:

1. It was a dark, freezing cold night on board the ship, all was quiet when suddenly …
2. I walked along the frozen trail, climbing steeply as I walked along the mountain path …
3. The air was cold and crisp, the sun shone brightly, reflecting off the ice and snow that clung to the mountain peaks…

You can email your story to me at or bring it back to school when you return.

t2-m-4507-fractions-wheels-display-posters-_ver_1.pdf (

worksheet - T2-M-940-Equivalent-Fractions-Worksheet.pdf ( 

Maths fractions game - Fractions - KS1 Maths - BBC Bitesize (

Practise your Maths number splat skills, we play this in class so you know what to do!

Paint the Squares - Interactive Number Charts ( (

Life Skills T-T-2399-Healthy-Eating-Lunch-Activity_ver_1.pdf (

Sensory Learning 2 ingredients homemade snow for kids - Kid Activities with Alexa (

Sensory Activities - Sensory Story Snow Storm - YouTube (

Autism Calming Sensory: Relaxing Music - YouTube (

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