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Home Learning Tasks


Week beginning  21st September 2020


Below are some suggestions for home learning activities. Where possible the resources have been provided. We fully understand that you may not have all the resources at home to carry out every task.


Please keep all of the work you have completed and bring it to school to share with the class.


Internet Safety


Please make sure your children are supervised when using the internet. The sources below have been checked internally at school. Please check them again before sharing with you children to ensure that your internet settings are blocking any undesirable content.



We are learning to write an invitation

Find an invitation template on T1 week 4 homelearning



Write an invitation to a pretend party. Please include- who it is to, day, time, and who it is from



With support children can edit and re-write their sentences in their letters  after feedback has been given from you. How could we make it better? Capital letters in the right place, add another word, make sure you have a full stop at the end of the sentence.


Challenge 2- write an envelope for you letter to go it. You could even decorate the envelope with pictures drawn or stuck on to it.



We are learning to write a list



Write a list for food for a pretend party.


Please include healthy and unhealthy food


With support children can edit and re-write their lists after feedback has been given from you. How could we make it better? Capital letters in the right place – one item on each line.


Challenge 2

Think about if you need to get the items from different shops? Greengrocers, bakers, butchers??









We are learning to understand place value

Activity Count out different objects and say how many you have- write the number correctly next to it- then compare to groups and try and work out what group has more- count again to check the highest number is the group that has more.



With support children can add two amounts together to get a total.




We are learning about parts of the body.



Cut out and label the parts of the body- see work sheet in Term 1 week 4 homelearning.



If you want to practice your handwriting you could write next to the label instead 😊





We are learning about kitchen safety.


Any meals that you cook throughout the week please ask your children to help you.

Allow them to explore the equipment safely in the kitchen- discussing with them how some things are sharp and some things can be hot.

Watch a video on kitchen safety


Discuss this with your child or children.


If possible take photos of your child doing this activity.


Paper activity sheet – dangers in the kitchen

Help your child to ring the dangers on the picture.


In class this week we will be making jam sandwiches for a pretend party maybe you could do the same.






Jewish festival – respect and tolerance for others- British values

L.O. To celebrate Rosh Hashana


19th September – Jewish New year

Newsround report: how Rosh Hashanah is celebrated.


Watch powerpoint and discuss


Taste Jewish celebration foods eg honey cake, apples and honey.

Twinkl Rosh Hashanah colouring by numbers (pictures of celebration foods). See T1 week 4 homelearning folder



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