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Week 2 beginning 15.06.20 PE Beech and Rowan Class

As we are not able to hold Sports Day this Term we decided each week we could practise technique and then perform each activity.

Throwing for Distance:

Aim: to develop the skill of throwing

Equipment: ball (socks, small toys), targets (plastic bottles, carboard boxes, paper bin, markers in a circle, hoop)

W/up: throw a ball in the air and catch it by yourself or with a partner, how many can you count before you drop?

Main activity:

Set up a circuit of throwing activities.

  1. Throw at some lined-up plastic bottles
  2. Throw into a large target circle of markers
  3. Throw into a smaller target (bin or box)
  4. Set up some balls/socks and play a game of giant marbles

With each success move a little further away. If it is too challenging, move closer.


Alternative Challenge 1: make a ramp out of card or wood and roll round objects down the ramp. Knock plastic bottles over to see what happens. Throw cushions at the bottles. Throw in the right direction. Throw or roll with a partner.

Alternative Challenge 2


Greeting: Clap hands, tap knees, stomp feet, call name.

Self – Squeeze Shoulders, run hands and rub hands and wiggle fingers and then, pulling on each finger. Move hands from side to side slowly and then wave. windscreen wiper feet, in and out feet, pointy toes, naughty toes.

Core – legs in the air, arms in the air, both in the air, rock, spin. Go on hands and knees, crawl or put pressure on hands and knees.

Share: back to back – side to side, forward and backward. Facing – row your boat, on knees and push against each other.

Heads, shoulders knees and toes.



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