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Please see below the list of suggested activities. Choose activities that are the most suitable for your child and feel free to modify them according to your child’s needs and abilities but most of all HAVE LOTS OF FUN!

English activities

Book for the week Ice Boy

Activities for the week: 

  • Read or watch the story online
  • Encourage your child to identify The Ice Boy on each page.
  • Ask questions about the pictures from the story.
  • Make your Ice Boy model. Use available resources, such as: a cardboard box, kitchen foil, a tin, etc.
  • Invite your child to draw his favourite scenes from the story. Encourage him to describe his picture/write captions/short sentences about the picture.
  • Ask your child to choose his favourite picture from the story. Look together at that picture. Encourage your child to tell you/point in a book what to draw. Ask questions, such as: what colour is the cube? Would you like me to draw a big/small cube? etc…
  • Ask your child to choose a cube from your freezer that looks like the Ice Boy. Put the chosen cube in a plastic cup and take it for the ‘adventure walk’ around the house. Visit different rooms and see how the cube is changing. Take the cube to the sunny garden. What is happening to the cube?


Science activities:

 Explore ice cubes from your freezer.

Make different sized ice cubes. Use food colouring to make different coloured ice cubes.

Experiment 1: Melting ice cubes race. Choose one cube each from your freezer (bigger and smaller). Place them in a bowl of warm water. Which one will melt faster? Why?

Experiment 2: Choose exactly the same cubes. Place one on a plate in a fridge and one on a kitchen table. Which one will melt first? Why?


Maths Activities:

Properties of 2D and 3D SHAPES


  • Encourage your child to find as many ICE BOY Cube shapes as possible around the house. Take photos of these objects.
  • Identifying and colouring 2D shapes. Use worksheet 4
  • Build a Dino activity. Use worksheet 5
  • 2D shapes – booklet. Use worksheet 14.
  • Use playdough to complete missing shapes from the pictures. Use worksheet 15.


Medium Hard:

  • Look at the properties of a cube: Count sides, edges and vertices.
  • 2D Shape Hunt: Encourage your child to look around the house for objects that look like different shapes from the worksheet. Colour the shapes as you see them. Use worksheet 3.
  • Sort 2D shapes. Use worksheet 6.
  • Properties of 2D shapes – SIDES. Use worksheet 7.
  • Properties of 2D shapes: Straight and curved sides. Use worksheet 8.
  • Properties of 2D shapes – complete the table. Use worksheet 9.



  • Play a game. Name a 3D shape. Use worksheet 13. 
  • Properties of 3D shapes. Use worksheets 1 and 2.
  • 3D shape colouring. Use worksheets 10 and 11.
  • Name the 3D shape – Quiz. Use worksheet 12.



Art activities:

Making a 3D rainforest in a box.


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  • The Cedar Federation
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  • International School Award
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