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Aim: to be able to comment on different genres of music. To look back in time and see what was happening in history when this band was around. To show likes and dislikes in music.


Listen to the Classic Band playlist at the bottom of the page.

Use your IT skills to search and find them on YouTube or Vevo or listen to them on Spotify (or other music platforms).

Create a spider diagram and comment on

1. Did you like it or not?

2. How did it make you feel?

3. What genre of music do you think it is?

4. Why would you listen/not listen to more of this?

Choose one song and create a mini project – see example Power Point. Include in your project here the band are from, genre, what you think the song is about, the decade/years were formed, discography, a bit of history on the band and what was happening in the world when they were around? See example.


Highwaymen – Highwayman

Metallica – Sandman

U2 – Pride

The Cure – Lullaby

Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven

Blondie – Heart of Glass

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields

Abba – Chiquitita

St. Etiene – Only Love Can Break Your Heart

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