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 Starter – Watch Newsround and tell someone at home what you saw.  Make a quiz if you want a challenge.

(, on BBC iPlayer each day, or broadcast at 8.15am or 4.20pm on CBBC).


Alchemy Island

In a few weeks you will be back at school and we will be working on our new topic – Alchemy Island.  We will be exploring portals, magical lands and magical things.  For the next two weeks at home, your task is to use your imagination as much as you can to create new worlds in your head.

English tasks

Read the riddle.  Ask an adult to help you because it has some tricky words.  Are there lots of words you do not understand?  Use a dictionary ( if there isn’t one at home) to help you find out what the unfamiliar words mean.

Write the words and their meaning down in a list – this is a glossary.


Look at the pictures of different lands.  Use your imagination to think about what it would be like to live there.  Talk to someone in your house about it.  What animals live there?  What is the scenery like?  Do people live there?  What are the houses like? Write down everything you have talked about to create your new magical world.


Use a different picture to help you write a story.  You are the star of the story.  You are in this new land.  How did you get there?  What will you do there?  Who is with you?  Is it a safe place? What happens when you are there?

Art Tasks

Use the riddle again to help you make a poster.  Draw the pictures that are in your head from the riddle.  They can be one big scene or lots of little pictures.


Look at the pictures of different lands.  You can only see through a portal.  Draw or paint the rest of the land.  You could use your writing to help you make the picture.  Use any colouring materials you have at home.

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