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Please find below home learning resources:


Medicines and Recipes

Starter – Watch Newsround and tell someone at home what you saw.  Make a quiz if you want a challenge.

(, on BBC iPlayer each day, or broadcast at 8.15am or 4.20pm on CBBC).


Research task

Find out what is in medicine and how medicines are made.  You can watch videos on Youtube and use Google to find out some information about making medicines.


Writing task

You are going to write your own recipe for a medicine.  Use the recipe writing frame and word bank to help you.  Before you start writing, think about these questions:

  • What will your medicine do? 
  • What ingredients do you want in your medicine?  Will they be from nature or things you make?
  • How will it be made?  Will you boil it, mix it, grind ingredients?


Reading task

Use the milkshake recipe sheet to make a milkshake.  See how much of the sheet you can read on your own.  Ask an adult to help you make a milkshake.



Art task

If you have Play Doh or plasticine at home, practice sculpting.  Make a potion bottle for your medicine.  Take photos and send them to us using the home learning email address.

If you do not have Play Doh, but would still like to make bottles, try making some Play Doh of your own.  Follow this link:

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