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Leadership Team

Mrs M Arnold-Jones


Ms S Hayward

Director of Finance & Resources

Mr P Jackson

Deputy Director Community and Teaching School

Ms E Partington

Senior Assistant Head

Mrs S High

Senior Assistant Head
Mrs E Baker

Assistant Head - Primary

Mrs S Mason

Assistant Head - Secondary

Mrs S Hargood

Assistant Head - Sixth Form Lead

Mrs A Braisted

Assistant Head


Extended Leadership Team

Mr M Sims

ICT & Network Manager

Mrs J Field

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead EYFS & KS1

Mrs R Fahey

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead KS2

Mrs V Butler

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead KS3

Mr R Skirving

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead KS4


Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead KS5

Mrs E Best

English & Maths Curriculum Lead

Mrs A Howard

Maths Curriculum Assistant Lead

Mrs S Shears

English Curriculum Assistant Lead


Ifield School

Mrs R Mount

Acorn Ifield Nursery Teacher - King's Farm School

Miss M Withington

Cedar Foundation Teacher

Miss K Thompson

Cedar TALL

Mrs J Duncan

Rowan - Discover/Innovate KS1 Class Teacher

Miss N Bartholomew

Rowan - Discover/Innovate UQT KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs J Field

Ash - Explore KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs A Vitalis

Ash - Explore KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs L Howarth

Beech - Sense/Explore UQT KS1 Class Teacher

Mrs L Botelho

Cherry - Explore KS2 Class Teacher
Miss K Jarvis Cherry - Explore

KS2 Trainee Class Teacher

Mrs N Grover Oak - Sense/Explore

KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs S Davis Maple - Discover/Innovate

KS2 Class Teacher

Miss N Bartholomew Maple - Discover/Innovate

UQT KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs L Homewood Hazel - Explore

KS2 Class Teacher

Mr D Rose Hazel - Explore

KS2 Class Teacher/P.E.

Mrs R Fahey Sycamore - Discover/Innovate

KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs H Stevens Sycamore - Discover/Innovate

KS2 Class Teacher

Miss E Gardiner

Chestnut - Sense/Explore

UQT KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs S Smith Heron - Discover/Innovate

KS3 Form Tutor

Miss S Shears Heron - Discover/Innovate

KS3 Form Tutor

Mrs C Ayley Robin - Discover

UQT KS3 Form Tutor

Mrs V Butler Wren - Sense/Explore

KS3 Form Tutor

Miss J Chitty Woodpecker - Discover

UQT KS3 Form Tutor

Mrs T Assado Magpie - Sense/Explore

KS3 Form Tutor

Mrs R Harris Magpie - Sense/Explore

KS3 Form Tutor

Mr R Skirving Dove - Explore

KS4 Form Tutor/P.E. Co-ordinator

Mrs R Rana Dove - Explore

KS4 Form Tutor

Miss L Woods Owl - Discover

KS4 Form Tutor

Mrs E Best Swan - Discover/Innovate

KS3 Form Tutor

  Sixth Form

Mrs J Dean Ameythst - Innovate

KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Mrs S Haggerty Ameythst - Innovate

KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Mx A Sampson Sapphire - Discover

KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

  Emerald - Explore

KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Mrs A Howard Diamond - Sense/Explore

KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Teaching Assistants & Teaching Assistant Learning Leads

Ifield School

Ms S Adams

Mrs M Ahluwalia (TALL)

Mrs O Awotunde

Miss L Back

Miss V Barney

Mrs L Bevan

Mr D Bowrage

Miss F Box

Miss C Broad

Mrs A Buss

Miss K Bux

Mrs C Church      (TALL)

Miss C Conway

Miss J Cook

Mrs L Cutler

Miss H Dadson

Mrs J Davies

Mrs J Dickman

Mrs L Dobson

Mrs H Dona

Miss H Dyne

Miss P Dyton

Mrs N Elsahhar (TALL)

Mrs C Fidgett (TALL)

Miss C Fitzsimons

Miss A Gamble

Mrs T Gibson

Mrs T Gunning

Miss  T Gurr

Mrs F Haffy

Mr I Hallett

Miss R Hammond

Miss K Hillier

Mrs L Hillier

Mrs J Humphries

Miss K Jankute

Miss E Jones        (TALL)

Mrs C Keys      (TALL)

Miss T Kingston

Mrs D Kulebina

Mrs K Leydon

Mrs J Lwin

Ms L Mackley

Mrs K Maltby

Mr F Mason-Myers

Miss H Morris

Mrs L Morris

Miss J Norman

Miss J O'Sullivan

Miss K Pearce

Mrs N Pearson

Mrs R Phillips      (TALL)

Mrs K Phillips

Mrs J Rumley (TALL)

Mrs E Shaw

Miss T Skinner

Miss C Stephenson

Mr J Styles

Miss N Tall

Mrs H Tariq

Ms K Thompson (TALL)

Mr C Toulson

Ms F Turley

Mrs J Wadsworth

Miss J Wakefield

Mrs S Wakelin

Ms N Wallington

Miss C Windsor

Miss S Witt

Mrs K Wright

Careers Co-ordinator Clare Ayley
Music & Arts Assistant Duncan Bathgate




Mrs S Begum

Mrs A Savill

Mrs K Halliday-Clark


Sixth Form


Mr M Bridle



Miss T Philpot

Mr I Purdy


Mrs A Singh

Mrs J Wadsworth
Mrs S Weeks




Finance & Administration, Site Team and Caretakers

Mrs E Clisby

School Secretary

Mrs T Kewell

Pupil Services Officer


Personnel Officer

Mrs E Clisby

Finance/Admin Officer

Mrs R Gillman

EHCP Co-ordinator

Mrs C Hall

Smile Centre Administrator

Mrs L White

Administrative Officer

Mrs S Bains

Management Information Officer

Mrs G Waghorn

Finance and Personnel Administrator

Mrs R Tadhunter

Governors/Leadership Support Officer

Miss E Jones

Sixth Form Administrative Officer

Mr P White

Site Manager

Mr J Conway


Mr M Buck

Site Assistant

Mrs M Cumiskey

School Cook

Mrs L Roach

Assistant Cook

Mrs A Hewer

Kitchen Assistant

Miss C Schaap

Kitchen Assistant

Miss H Dyne

Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Giltrap

Midday Supervisor

Miss B Hayes

School Cleaner

Miss L Hayes

School Cleaner

Miss C Gibson

School Cleaner

Ms D Finch

School Cleaner

Mrs L Stanton

School Cleaner

      Specialist Teams

Speech and Language

Mrs K Jewell

Lead Speech and Language Therapist/ Intensive Interaction Coordinator

Mrs A Port

Speech and Language Therapist

Miss Z Thompstone

Speech and Language Therapist

Miss H Lane

Speech and Language Therapy Assistant

Mrs L Smith

 Occupational Therapy Assistant


Mr M Sims 

ICT & Network Manager

Mr J Andrew

ICT Technician 

Miss J Nayler

ICT Technician 



School Nurse

Mrs N Myers

Medical Assistant

Miss L Bridge

Continence and Toileting Coordinator
  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • The Cedar Federation
  • Ifield Smile
  • KsENT
  • SEN Specialist Schools
  • International School Award
  • Kent County Council
  • Arts MArk
  • Healthy Schools
  • Sport England
  • iNet