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Within the safe, relaxing space of Ifield’s sensory room, pupils of all ages and abilities can enjoy a stimulating environment specifically designed to address their sensory needs and provide a multisensory learning environment and encourage communication and interaction through carefully designed learning opportunities. 

The innovative use of lighting and sound can be tempered to reflect pupils’ individual needs and preferences and enhance the telling of a story or singing of a song.  The sensory room has recently been refurbished with state of the art magic carpet and magic mirror to engage pupils fully in their learning experiences.

Pupils using the sensory room are supported by experienced staff.  This, and the calm predictability of the surroundings, inspires pupils with the confidence to be curious, one of the most important requirements for learning. 

Pupils are also encouraged to be proactive, they can effect the environment through accessible switches and interactive software to activate lighting and sound. This  develops their awareness of cause and effect and enables them to be in control of and make choices relating to their learning.

  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • The Cedar Federation
  • Ifield Smile
  • KsENT
  • SEN Specialist Schools
  • International School Award
  • Kent County Council
  • Arts MArk
  • Healthy Schools
  • Sport England
  • iNet