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Welcome to Ifield School Secondary Department

Within the Secondary Department pupils are grouped largely according to pupils' ages and stages of development across the two key stages.  Pupils in key stage 3 and 4 continue to follow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on personalised learning to reflect the outcomes specified in their Education, Health and Care Plans.  Personalised timetables reflect pupils’ specific needs and include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and access to the Forest Schools Programme.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 pupils students continue to build upon the skills learned within primary by following a personalised curriculum.  Learning reflects pupils’ outcomes as specified in either their Annual Review targets or their Education, Health and Care Plan.  For some pupils this means that they have a highly personalised timetable to address very specific and complex needs, for example, the Engagement Model, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Ifield’s Forest Schools initiative.  For all pupils, there is a clear focus on increasing independence and giving pupils a range of experiences to inform their progression towards adulthood. 

There is an emphasis on Life Skills and being able to apply the skills learned at school in the community through community-based learning. The curriculum is designed to include active learning and includes P.E. enrichment, Music, Art and Food Technology.  There are also many educational visits throughout the year to enrich and extend pupils’ learning experiences e.g visits to Kent Life and a residential skiing visit to Italy.

Key Stage 3 Classes





Key Stage 4

When pupils enter key stage 4, the curriculum is expanded to include accredited courses such as Functional Skills and ASDAN qualifications. Education Health and Care Plan Outcomes are embedded within the learning of each pupil and the key stage 4 curriculum provides a wealth of opportunities for pupils to increase their independence in preparation for the next stage of their journey towards adulthood. 

To encourage and acknowledge pupils’ increasing independence they choose some learning options that are consistent with their particular aspirations and talents.  Pupils continue with their PE Enrichment Programme whilst also developing skills in one of the following areas:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Music and Theatre
  • Computing
  • Art
  • Expressive Arts

Pupils are also given opportunities to develop essential life skills through overnight stays at Ifield Life or by joining the Challenger Troop programme.  In addition, the school offers a range of educational visits throughout the year including the ever popular Ski trip to Pila, Italy.

Key Stage 4 Classes

Dove Class

Swan Class

Owl Class


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