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Science Planning

LI: To know that the Earth shakes when an earthquake happens.


  • Look at the pictures of destructive effects of earthquakes. (See pictures in resources). Encourage your child to think what could cause the damage to different buildings, roads, etc.

              Explain that all this happened because of an earthquake.

  • What causes earthquakes? Watch and discuss the video:

         Earthquake - How Earthquakes Happen || video for kids || earthquake -         YouTube

  • How do earthquakes look in real life?

     Watch chosen parts of the video showing real footage of an earthquake in Japan.

Japan 9.1 Earthquake CCTV Footage March 11, 2011 Compilation - Part 2 - YouTube

  • Earthquakes can destroy all sorts of buildings. Display pictures on Smart Board presentation Earthquake Before and After. Explain that this building collapsed because of the power of the earthquake and also because some buildings weren’t built out of very strong materials.


Can you build a strong building that will not collapse during an earthquake?

Construct a building using building bricks. Encourage your child to think of his design. How can he strengthen his building? What would be the safest height? Think about the shape, walls and a base.

When all the building(s)are completed conduct a test: Earthquake simulation. Did your building survived the earthquake? Why?  Take pictures.


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