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Ifield School Key Priorities 2017-18

Ifield School seeks to improve its provision for pupils year on year.  The School Plan sets out the direction and focus for the Ifield community.  Every year the plan is updated and new priorities are set to ensure that pupils have outstanding learning opportunities and achieve the best possible outcomes.  Below are the priorities for 2017-18.

Effectiveness of Leadership and Management 

  • To ensure middle leadership is further developed to aid succession planning and distributed leadership at all levels so that all leaders contribute highly effectively to raising standards at the school.
  • To further strengthen the Governing Body to enable them to have the high degree of knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to systematically challenge leaders in relation to raising school standards.
  • To prepare young people for the transition to adulthood in an established Post 19 provision as a separate legal identity, which is registered with the Education Funding Agency and Local Authority.
  • To develop further the impact of the federation curriculum teams so that the curriculum offer is enhanced in order that pupils make substantial and sustained progress across a wide range of subjects.
  • To continue to pursue funds and opportunities to create iSparc;


Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment 

  • To embed the Go-Pro programme so that teaching and learning consistently results in outstanding pupil progress.
  • To strengthen further staffs’ understanding of how leaders use a range of sources to inform them of the quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment over time
  • To ensure that staff use pupils’ performance information highly effectively so that learning is precisely personalised to pupils’ needs, especially at transition phases.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • To ensure that the delivery of the life skills curriculum enhances pupils’ personal development contributing highly effectively to pupils’ EHCP outcomes.
  • To ensure high levels of pupil engagement and communication during non-curriculum times, such as break time and snack time, to promote positive interaction and build pupils’ social skills.


Outcomes for Pupils

  • To ensure good or better progress from pupils’ starting points, especially at transition points
  • To ensure the effective use of comparative data with other pupils with similar starting points to measure the school’s effectiveness
  • To ensure a measurable impact on improvement of pupils’ life skills.
  • To embed clear achievement and accreditation pathways across KS4 and post-16.


Effectiveness of the Early Years Provision: Quality and Standards

  • To embed the Early Years principles and approaches into Key Stage 1.
  • To ensure that the indoor and outdoor areas across the Early Years and Key Stage 1 enables a broad and balanced curriculum including enhancing activities in all areas of learning
  • To ensure that planning across the Early Years and KS1 enables supportive teaching and learning working with the needs of each pupil.
  • To continue to develop the collaborative teaching and learning in the Early Years across the Federation.


Effectiveness of the 16-19 Study Programmes

  • To ensure that the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning throughout the Sixth Form increases, and teaching is consistently good or better.
  • To enhance accreditation so that all students have access to higher levels during and after post-19 provision.
  • To improve student progress by effective tracking and target setting
  • To develop further curriculum enrichment so that it enhances students’ learning experiences and is personalised to all students’ needs.



  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • Ofsted Outstanding 2012/2013
  • Ofsted Outstanding 2010/2011
  • The Cedar Federation
  • SEN Specialist Schools
  • Sport England
  • Healthy Schools
  • International School Award
  • Thames Teaching Alliance
  • Kent County Council
  • Ifield Smile
  • iNet
  • Financial Management Standard in Schools
  • Olympic & Paralympic Values
  • RFS