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Careers Education at Ifield

At Ifield, our primary goal is to provide every student with a high-quality Careers education that goes hand in hand with the development of essential life skills. We understand that each pupil's career journey will look different depending on their unique needs, and that's why our support is personalised throughout.

Early Years and Key Stage One: Building Responsibility and Independence

For our youngest pupils, we focus on developing responsibility and independence, which are fundamental for a successful future. Throughout the year, students experience various workplaces through off-site educational visits and learn about different roles within the community through play-based activities and school visitors. Last year, this included visits to places like Larkin Farm, meetings with musicians, and participation in circus workshops during Arts Week.

Key Stage Two: Expanding Career Horizons

In Key Stage Two, we continue to develop employee encounters and career opportunities throughout the curriculum. Visitors come to our school, we have a dedicated Careers week and various educational visits to places of work. In the Innovate and Discover pathways, students can also apply for roles of responsibility, such as School Council representative and Computing ambassador.

Key Stage Three: Building Aspirations and Skills

In Key Stage Three, we focus on further developing pupil aspirations, confidence, and skills so that every student can achieve success, regardless of their career journey. Weekly life skills sessions emphasise independent living skills such as housekeeping, hygiene, food preparation, and budgeting. Community-based learning opportunities help students develop functional skills for everyday activities like shopping, eating out, and using the roads safely. In the Discover and Innovate pathways, students have weekly Careers lessons to explore different jobs, requisite skills, uniforms, and places of work. They also engage with professionals to learn about their career journeys, and during Careers week, visiting alumni share their experiences of life after Ifield.

Key Stage Four: Exploring Post-16 Options

In Key Stage Four, students begin considering career opportunities in the local area and post-16 education. They identify their own skills and areas for development and link these to various jobs. Students also work on accreditations tailored to their interests, abilities, and needs. For example, students in different pathways complete accreditations like Expressive Arts, Edexcel Functional Skills, and ASDAN Health and Fitness, among others.

Year 10 students participate in internal work experience placements with support where needed, gaining valuable skills like communication, time management, motivation, teamwork, and flexibility. Year 11 students also have the opportunity to become school prefects, taking on leadership roles and helping choose new staff.

In Key Stage Four, students and parents are also invited to a Post-16 workshop with our independent Careers Advisor, Christine Murrells, to explore further educational opportunities in the local area, including our Ifield Sixth Form.

Key Stage Five: Preparing for Adulthood

In Key Stage Five, students continue to explore work opportunities and consider post-19 options with the support of our independent Careers advisor. They also continue to work on accreditations tailored to their interests and needs. Additionally, students have various Careers Taster days and planned visits to enhance their understanding of different career paths.

To ensure our students and their families are well-prepared for adulthood, we offer individual 1:1 sessions with our independent Careers Advisor and hold student and parent workshops to explore Post-19 options. Next steps and careers are discussed at each annual review, where students and parents are invited to participate and co-produce targets that reflect the young person's aspirations for the future.

At Ifield, we are committed to supporting each student's unique journey and helping them achieve the best possible outcomes. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Together, we'll ensure your child's future is bright and full of opportunities.

                                                                     Suzann Mason, Assistant Headteacher and Careers Lead


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