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Week 4 beginning 22.06.20 PE Hawk Class

As we are not able to hold Sports Day this Term we decided each week we could practise technique and then perform each activity.

Throwing for distance:

Aim: Perform a pull throw with increasing accuracy and power. To throw a ball using correct technique.

Equipment: Ball or socks, rolled up paper, tape measure, markers, camera/phone/tablet

W/up:  skipping rope tug of war or put the rope around a branch and pull it from the front and then over your shoulder. What type of stretching should you do? See if you can remember some arm stretches for Shoulders biceps, triceps, back and chest.


M/Activity:  Have a look at the pictures below

Where does the power come from? Is it just your arms or your whole body?

You may need some space to do this activity. If you do not then try throwing a rolled-up piece of paper wrapped in Sellotape as it will not go as far but you will still get the technique.

Perform a throw and measure the distance and place a marker.

Now thinking about where the power comes from try throwing and keeping 1. your body straight 2. Your arms straight 3. Your legs straight 4. Your arms straight. How did that feel? How far did they go?

Now try again, this time throwing 1. Concentrate on leaning back before you throw facing sideways to begin, like you do in Archery – this will give you more power 2. Concentrate on bending your elbow before you let go of the ball 3. Bend your knees 4. Follow through.

Have a few practise throws and then measure three throws. Record the longest one and send it to Mr Gardner using the school email sop it can be collated. Please do say what implement you used to throw with as well.

Does this type of activity increase your heart rate and breathing rate?


Cool Down:


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