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Week 3 beginning 15.06.20 PE Woodpecker Class

As we are not able to hold Sports Day this Term we decided each week we could practise technique and then perform each activity.

Running for speed: Run at different speeds and understand how you need your whole body to run.

Run, jog, walk on command, Run fast and slow, Breathing and heart rate


W/up: Measure out 10m using some markers. Do 10 shuttle runs (there and back is 1) going from a walk and getting faster and faster


M/Activity: If you can, extend your shuttle run distance to 25m. if not, leave it as it is.

Run 50m and think about which parts of your body you are using (head? Arms? Body? Legs?)

Run 50m and time your run. Get someone to film you if you can.

Run 50m 1. with your head up looking at the sky 2. With your hands behind your back 3. With your back perfectly straight 4. With your legs very straight 5. Tiny steps 6. Huge steps.

Were you faster than your first run on any of these?

Put some toys at the end of the shuttle and see how quickly you can run, pick one up and return it until they are all finished.

Jog around the garden to cool down.


Alternative session: Perform the activity at a slower pace. Use objects to collect along a straight line and return them.

Equipment: Tape measure, markers, score sheet

You can record your distance and send it to Mr Gardner on the school email and so that we can collate the results and let you know how you did.

Alternative Session :

w/up –Sherborne

Greeting: Clap hands, tap knees, stomp feet, call name.

Self – Squeeze Shoulders, run hands and rub hands and wiggle fingers and then, pulling on each finger. Move hands from side to side slowly and then wave. windscreen wiper feet, in and out feet, pointy toes, naughty toes.

Core – legs in the air, arms in the air, both in the air, rock, spin. Go on hands and knees, crawl or put pressure on hands and knees.

Share: back to back – side to side, forward and backward. Facing – row your boat, on knees and push against each other.

Heads, shoulders knees and toes.

 Main: 1. Roll a ball to a partner 2. Roll a ball at a target 3. Roll a ball down a ramp 4. Push a gym ball. 5. Release a small ball 6. Feel a different textured ball on arms and legs 7. Roll on and under a gym ball 8. Stop a ball rolled.

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