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Week 2 beginning 08.06.20 PE Hawk Class

As we are not able to hold Sports Day this Term we decided each week we could practise technique and then perform each activity.

Jumping for Distance:

W/up: Ladder relay- star jumps, side steps –  two feet, then hop side to side. Can you come up with a stretch appropriate for jumping i.e. leg stretches

M/Activity: Hop scotch (you can make this using chalk, tape or even sticks), focus on balancing on one leg and then the other, to challenge yourself you can hold the balance for the count of three. If it is too challenging land in each square with two feet.

How far sideways, backwards, forwards can you jump?  Which way do you get the furthest?

Mark a line on the ground - Have a few practise jumps, two feet to two feet and then measure, placing a marker where you land. Explore which is the best leg and arm position for best distance (measuring). Try with your arms above head, to the side, swinging. Also try with legs straight, slightly bent and bent like a spring. Once you decide which is the best way you can try beat your original distance.

More challenging: Standing jump – set some challenging distance and mark them with markers looking at reaching coloured cones for points. You could try a step jump and progress to moving jump but always behind a line.

Progress to triple jump

Less challenging: how far can you get doing one big step, 3 hops, 3 small jumps landing with two feet next to each other.

Equipment: Tape measure, markers, score sheet

You can record your distance and send it to Mr Gardner on the school email and so that we can collate the results and let you know how you did.

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