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International Olympic Day

June 23rd marks the International Olympic Day 2020. In this file there are some fun activities for you  to celebrate the day.


Journey around the culinary world with our free resource for students aged 7-14.

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games were the first Games to be held in South America. On Tour with Team GB activities allow students to explore the different locations of Olympic Games and Olympic Winter Games, discovering these countries’ national dishes and researching different recipes for them, before perfecting their very own recipe. 

Key question

  • How can food from around the world inspire us to be creative when cooking? 

Key learnings

  • Discovering the food and national dishes of a country in which the Olympic Games or the Olympic Winter Games has been held.
  • Comparing different recipes for a national dish.
  • Creating a new, healthy recipe for a national dish.

Do take a look at the website for other exciting ideas.


Take care and stay safe

Mr Gardner

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