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Take a Look Around (Gravesham)

Link to audio track below,

Gravesham Idea - we gotta slow down sometimes -unfinished demo.m4a


Verse 1

Looking out over the river

Skimming a stone or three

The magical feeling it delivers

This time is just for me


Thinking back, looking into the past

I’m brought back by a ship’s horn blast!


Pre Chorus

In a world that moves too fast

Sometimes we need to pause and make the moment last.



We gotta slow down sometimes

We gotta take a look around

We gotta slow down sometimes

So we can find our peace of mind a let the dust settle on the ground.


Verse 2


Sitting watching the world go by

Encircled by community – it’s good to be inside.

History changes through the years

Happy Memories love and tears.  


  • Ofsted Outstanding
  • The Cedar Federation
  • Ifield Smile
  • KsENT
  • SEN Specialist Schools
  • International School Award
  • Kent County Council
  • Arts MArk
  • Healthy Schools
  • Sport England
  • iNet