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WEEK 6 (Challenge level 3) counting in 2s and back to 50 - This video shows you how to count in 2s. Before you watch, try to find 20 small objects to help with counting. These could be toys, cars, building blocks, raisins. Socks are also good because they come in pairs! (Challenge level 2) Matching pairs game – complete simple matching activity by dragging objects to ‘the same.’ (Challenge level 2) - watch video explanation of directions and turns, then try the quiz underneath. Pupils will benefit from playing a game where they close their eyes and take steps/turns to reach a target zone. (Challenge level 2) - watch video explanation of capacity and then try the quizzes underneath. Pupils will benefit from creating full/half and empty containers, take pictures of each to recap and review which go into each category. (Challenge level 1) Several ideas for outdoor maths during lockdown that cover measure, symmetry, angles, area and dates.

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