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Please find below home learning resources: 



LI: To subtract within 20.

Watch, discuss and solve subtraction problems on the chosen subtraction PowerPoints adapted to your child’s abilities (see different PowerPoints – subtracting within 10 and 20).

Prepare some counters to enable your child to solve subtraction problems.  For example, use colouring pencils, buttons, pasta shapes, etc.

Encourage your child to:

  • read subtraction sentences.
  • use counters to represent numbers.

For example, in order to solve a 5 – 2 task count out 5 counters (e.g Colouring pencils) and then take away from that group of counters 2 counters. Finally, count the remaining counters and record your answer using the appropriate numeral.


  • point to every object when counting.
  • record the answers using appropriate numerals.


Choose worksheets appropriate for your child.

  • Practical Activities: Uses the vocabulary Involved in Subtracting Home Learning Challenges.


Wednesday and Thursday

LI: To subtract within 20 using a number line.

I can identify the bigger number in a number sentence.

I can count on backwards from that number to the left.


Watch Learn Subtraction Using Number Line | Elementary Maths Concept for Kids | Subtraction | Part 5 - YouTube     within 10


Subtraction using Number Line - YouTube  within 20


Choose worksheets adapted to your child’s abilities. See the resources for Thursday and Friday.


LI: To solve subtraction word problems.

I begin to record a subtraction problem in a number sentence.

I can choose my favourite technique to find an answer (using counters or a number line).

See the worksheet addition and subtraction word problems. Focus only on subtraction problems.

Encourage your child to choose a subtraction method that he/she is comfortable with. For instance, use buttons or pencils as counters or use the worksheet with number lines (see Friday’s resources) to solve subtraction problems.

Discuss each word problem.

Model recording calculation using a number sentence.

Encourage your child to read the whole number sentence e.g. 7 - 3 = 4


Choose worksheets adapted to your child’s abilities. See the resources for Friday.

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