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Making a hot snack

To make up a cup of tea and toast for a snack

Recap learning from last week – Safety using the kettle and toaster. Why do we need to take care when using the kettle or toaster? How do we use them safely? Demonstrate using them safely whilst cold.

Complete one of the worksheets – sequencing making a cup of tea and making toast.

Posh Toast

Demonstrate first. Encourage your child to follow the instructions to make his toast with your supervision. Decide on your posh toast topping out of 2-4 recipes, (you can decide on just one topping if you prefer).


Demonstrate first. Encourage your child to make his own cup of tea with supervision.

Lay the table for two when you are ready to eat the snack.

Collect the correct amount of cutlery for yourself, class and an adult.

Clean the tables and collect any dirty cutlery for washing up later.

Washing up

Ask ayour child to fill the washing up bowl appropriately. Can he use the correct amount of washing up liquid?

Wash the cutlery (Make sure knives are cleaned and stored safely by an adult).



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