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English planning



LI: To learn about the story of Pompeii.

Explain that this week you will be exploring what happened to Pompeii. Look at the pictures of Pompeii before and after. Ask what could possibly have happened to this beautiful town?

Watch and discuss the video A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation - YouTube

Retell the events from the last days of Pompeii using the passage Pompeii, The forgotten Town.





LI: To describe Pompeii before the volcano eruption.

Look and discuss pictures depicting activities performed by people in Pompeii.

Talk about similarities and differences between life in Pompeii and our times.

Encourage your child to name different objects/activities. Can you see the pictures with shops? Children playing games? People on streets? What are the people doing? Can you find a picture with a school in Pompeii? How were people having their meals? Etc..

Choose your favourite pictures and write down 3 sentences beginning with I can see…



LI: To describe Pompeii during the volcano eruption.

Watch again and discuss the video A Day in Pompeii - Full-length animation - YouTube

Read the relevant passage from Pompeii, the forgotten town.

Look at the pictures depicting people of Pompeii during the eruption. How do you think people felt seeing the volcano erupt? What were they doing? What would they be saying? What sounds would they be hearing? Etc…


Choose three pictures and write a sentence describing the feelings/behaviour of the residence of Pompeii during the volcano eruption. (see the word bank).

You can begin your sentence with:

The people are …

I can see…

The people look…



LI: To sequence pictures of Pompeii’s destruction.

Look again at the pictures of Pompeii before and after.

Explain that the city was destroyed but many tourists come to visit this place every year.

Watch the PowerPoint presentation Pompeii photo information. Discuss the pictures. Can you recognise some objects? buildings? What parts of buildings are missing? Etc

Look at the pictures. Can you recognise pictures showing Pompeii before, during and after the volcano eruption?

Choose your three favourite pictures. Use the word bank to write a phrase or a simple sentence describing each of them.







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