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Hawk Home Learning – English w/c 15/06/2020

As part of our playlists topic, we are looking at songs and Poetry. Below are some tasks for you to complete at home.

1. Look at BBC Teach website and use the links to remind yourself of poetic devices. Read the articles and watch any of the videos of this page.
Look at these devices:
What are they? Think of some examples and make up examples of your own.

2. Think of your favourite singer/band/artist. Choose one of their songs. See if you can find any poetic devices in the song lyrics. You can use a lyrics website to find the words or listen on the radio or YouTube. (If you can’t think of someone you like, look at Katy Perry – Firework)

3. Write a song or rap about your Life in Lockdown. Can you make it rhyme? Can you add in a simile, a metaphor and some onomatopoeia?

Tasks you can do each week:
1. Watch Newsround. (CBBC 9.15am, 12.10pm, 4pm or BBC iPlayer or Google ‘watch newsround’)
If you have brothers or sisters, watch with them. Make a Newsround Quiz like we do in class. YOU will have to be the Quizmaster. Listen to Newsround, make notes and then ask questions. If it is difficult, watch Newsround on your own first, then let your siblings/family watch and ask them questions. We would use House Points in class for correct
answers, discuss and decide with the adult in your house what the prize can be.

If it is just you at home with your parents/carers, watch Newsround then summarise what you have heard into a shorter version that you can tell people. Become a Newsreader for your household and deliver the news. With an adult to help you, try to see how many of the news stories you learned about are in the news that they have watched/listened to.

2. Write a diary for the week.
A diary can include anything, but must be written in FIRST PERSON (I and me, not they and them). Write about what you are doing at home, what is happening in the world, what the weather is doing today, who you would like to speak to, how you are feeling and any other information you would like to add. Diaries do not need to be perfect, they can have spelling mistakes. Use a diary as your space to write about anything that you like. You can choose to share it with adults at home or me when we get back to school, or you can keep it for yourself.

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