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Whole Class Work



Group or Individual Activities


Activity 1

Guided reading.

Phonic groups

Phase 2- ZZ

Phase 3- SH

Phase 4- LG


LG- ‘ew’, ‘ue’, ‘u_e’

Brainstorm ideas on whiteboards- put into tables.


  1. Guided Reading
  2. Free reading and book review
  3. Adjectives
  4. ‘ir’ wordsearch

Share adjectives sentence with a partner

Activity 2

Identify the features of a poem.

Phonics- ‘ew’, ‘ue’, ‘u_e’

Share the poem- ‘The Sound Collector’ PPT and listen to Roger McGough reading it.


Talk about what the children think the sound collector looks like, what kind of character is he?

Talk about the structure of the poem- talk about the rhythm- children tap it out.

What is repetitive about the poem? (verbs and ‘of’)

Talk about rhyming words- children come up to the board and highlight these features.


Children stick poem in books- highlight verbs and rhyming words.

Children choose their favourite line from the poem and change the verb. Make a list of these.

Activity 3

Rewrite a poem

SPAG- there, their and they’re- children complete sentences correctly. Record in books.


Re-read ‘The Sound Collector’.


Talk about sounds you might hear in a house- brainstorm ideas.

Children write a couple of poem lines on their whiteboards. Share with the rest of the class- check the children understand how to write using the poem structure (‘The ------ of the ------)

Children fill in the poem with their own ideas about the sounds in a house.

Working in groups-

LA- very structured.

HA- independent.


Allow children time to perform their poem.

Make a list of all the other places in school we could hear sounds (playground, dinner hall etc).

Activity 4

Write own poem based on ‘The Sound Collector’

SPAG- children write their own sentences for there, their and they’re. Share with partner, are they correct?


Explain that we will be writing a poem about the sound collector in our school. We don’t need to worry about ryming. Show children my poem about the sound collector in a park.


In groups- children complete a spider diagram about sounds they can hear in a classroom.


Give children first paragraph of ‘The Sound Collector in School’.

Shared write the first couple of lines about sounds in the classroom.


Children write the next 2 lines.

Extension- children could write a second paragraph.

Share poem with talk partner- have they met the WILF?

Activity 5









Write a poem based on ‘The Sound Collector’.

Brainstorm about the sounds you might hear on the playground- children sitting outside, recording sounds.


Children write a line on their whiteboard- share with the class.

Children finish their poem-

Sounds in the classroom, playground, dinnerhall and cloak room.


Extension- where else could the Sound collector go? Write a poem based elsewhere.

Poetry performance!



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