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The Secret Sky Garden



LI: To read and discuss The Secret Sky Garden.


Look at the front cover of the book. Ask your child what he/she can see on the front cover. What is the title of the story? Who are the authors/illustrators?  What parts of the front cover are grey? What parts are in colour? Why do you think the author has chosen to have some parts grey and some parts in colour?

Read/watch the story The Secret Sky Garden - YouTube


Read/watch the story again with your child. Ask literal, inference and deduction questions about the story. Use picture cues to deduce some answers.





LI: To make a sky garden out of a cardboard box.


Read the story of the Secret Sky Garden again and ask questions from the story.

look at the front 2 inside pages of the book and discuss what the pupils can see. Who put the rubbish there? What flowers can you see? What colour are the flowers? Which bird can you see? What colour is it? Compare the front 2 pages with the back 2 pages. How did the garden change?



Make a sky garden using the small cardboard box (the size of A4 paper) and A4 white card. Cover the bottom with green tissue paper or card. Then make flowers using the cut-outs (page 2) and glue onto the garden so that they stand up. Describe your project to an adult. Encourage your child to write a list of plants, objects from his garden. For example:

In my garden I have:

  • Lots of grass
  • fence
  • flowers
  • pond
  • trampoline
  • swing
  • bench
  • table
  • shed
  • trees
  • bush













LI:  To design and make a simple kite.


Read the story of the Secret Sky Garden again and answer questions from the story.


Focus on the two children in the book and discuss what they liked doing. Focus on their kites. Describe their kites.

Encourage your child to design and make their own kite.



How To Make A Simple Kite | AD - YouTube

Can she/he describe the following steps? Discuss the sequencing pictures from the video (worksheet How to make a kite steps 1-10)

Take photos.

Fly your kite in the garden.




LI: To write an instruction on how to make a flower out of playdough.


Read the story of the Secret Sky Garden. Focus on the plants. What flowers do you know by name? What plants/flowers would you like to have in your garden? Would they have nice/bad scent? Would they have any special qualities (e.g. big teeth to eat insects, sticky petals to catch flies, long trumpet like flowers to make music etc.)


Encourage your child to make his own imaginative flower from playdough and then write instructions as to how he made the flower.


See the worksheet: My instruction.

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