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Please find below home learning resources: 

Key Stage 4 English Home learning term 3 week 1


Watch the opening scene of Frankenstein.  From the beginning credits until 4:41


How is the scene set? 

What feelings does the ice and the ship give you?

Now retell or storyboard the story.


Frankenstein | 2004 | William Hurt | PART 1 - Bing video


Read the extract from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is another document in the English folder.


Can you describe the monster that has been created using exciting descriptive language?


It was originally written in 1818 so the language is quite difficult. If you find it too difficult, watch the film this will help you to write a description of the monster.  The monster is brought to life 45:28 – 50:30. 


NB: If at any point you find this film uncomfortable or frightening to watch please stop and speak to an adult if you are not feeling happy. Remember it is a story and the genre is gothic horror so some of the images are meant to scare you and make you jump. 


You can email your completed work to me via so that I can mark your work and support you.  I am very happy to answer any questions or just let me know how you are getting along.

Keep safe and well

Mrs Hargood 😊


See PDF file for document including pictures 

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