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Leadership Team

Mrs A Birch

Executive Headteacher

Miss M Jones

Head of School

Mrs C Rough

Director of Finance & Resources

Mr P Jackson

Deputy Director Community and Teaching School

Miss D Moore

Head Of Sixth Form

Mr N Dipple

Assistant Head Primary Achievement

Mr S Kelleher

Assistant Head Secondary, Behaviour and Wellbeing

Mrs A Braisted 

Assistant Head Inclusion


Extended Leadership Team

Mr R Rosslyn

Assistant Director - Sixth Form & Post-19

Mrs C Parry

Assistant Director - Communication 

Mr M Sims

ICT & Network Manager

Mrs S Downing

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead – Early Years

Mrs S Hargood

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Lead – Sixth Form



Mrs E Guiot


Ifield Nursery Teacher - King's Farm School

Mr E Stubbles


Foundation Teacher

Mrs S Downing


KS1 Class Teacher

Miss E McCormack


KS1 Class Teacher

Miss L Shaw


KS1 Class Teacher

Mr D Rose


KS2 Class Teacher

Miss H Boyd


KS2 Class Teacher, Music Teacher

Miss L Bridge


KS2 Class Teacher

Miss E Stevens


KS2 Class Teacher. KS1 & 2 Co-ordinator for Design and Technology, History KS1 & 2

Mrs A Ciuche


KS2 Class Teacher

Miss S Hill


KS2 Class Teacher

Mrs L Hall


KS3 Form Tutor

Miss V Kwamin


Initial Teacher Trainee, Secondary English

Mrs T Martin


KS3 Form Tutor

 Mrs K Cuffe


KS3 Form Tutor, English Teacher

Mr R Gardner


KS3 Form Tutor. P.E. Co-ordinator, KS3 & 4 Humanities

Mrs J Dean


KS3 Form Tutor

Mrs R Fahey


KS2 Form Tutor

Miss A Gardiner


KS3 Form Tutor, Art Teacher

Mrs S Smith


KS4 Form Tutor, PE Teacher

Miss N Chema


Initial Teacher Trainee, Secondary Maths

Mr R Skirving


KS4 Form Tutor, PE Teacher

Mr A Ferris


Initial Teacher Trainee, P.E Teacher

Mr A Mecrow


KS4 Form Tutor

Mrs S Hargood


KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Mrs S Guyte


KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Mrs T Hammond


KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form

Mr A Oteju


KS5 Tutor Ifield Sixth Form, KS3 Form Tutor


Teaching Assistants

Ifield School

Miss B Allen-Terry

Miss C Whitehead

Mr D Bathgate

Miss N Bartholomew

Miss L Battershill

Miss S Boswell

 Miss N Gardner

Mrs G Shipp

Mrs A Buss

Mr S Cassingham

Miss M Porter

Miss D Channon

Miss C Church

Miss T Columb

Miss A Coveney

Miss H Currie

Miss H Dadson

Miss G Harpum

Mrs J Davies

Mrs J Dickman

Miss Z Dobson

Mrs S Wakelin

Mrs J Wakefield

Mrs N Elsahhar

Miss L Tomlinson

Mrs J Wadsworth

Miss T Ficchi

Mrs E Gashi

Miss K Tedder

Mrs S Giordano

Ms S Goodwin

Mrs H Sillah

Mrs T Gunning 

Ms D Hartup

Mrs K Hearnden

Mrs C Hedges

Mrs K Wright

Miss K Howe

Mrs M Guest

Mrs M Hughes

Miss S Humphries

Mrs J Humphries

Mrs J Rumley

Miss N Puddle

Miss L Ramsay

Miss H Morris

Mrs S Panesar

Mrs K Leydon

Miss L Mackley

Mrs K Maltby

Miss E Orrell

Mrs A Panaser

Mrs N Myers

Ms N Wallington

Miss S Bewick

Mrs H Bansil

Mrs K Waters

Miss E Gardiner

Mr J Styles

Mr F Topps

Mr J Rattenbury

Miss R James

Mrs D Ruth

Mr E Acquah

Mrs A Murphy

Mrs H Murphy

Mrs C Ayley

Mrs E Best

Mrs L Rogers

Miss J Kwamin

Miss N Fitzgerald

Mr P Feighery

Miss S White

Mrs P Kaur

Mrs T Caselton



Miss S Begum

Miss D Bridge

Mrs E Shaw


Sixth Form

Mrs S Adenaike

Mrs K Brown

Mrs S Brady

Mrs D Dodd

Mrs M Elliott

Mrs T Fearne

Mrs S Feighery

Mrs K Greenwood

Mrs S Hardman

Mrs M Barry

Miss S Scott

Miss L Packer

Mrs T Philpot

Mr I Purdy

Mrs N Ramsell

Miss C Windsor

Mrs S O'Neill

Mrs D Cook

Miss J Nunnery

Mrs S Neath

Job Coaches

Mrs A Atkinson

Mrs S Cassingham

Miss S Scott

Mrs S Brady

Mr A Rough

Mrs A Ward

Miss R Boyd

Mr R Lynes

Mrs K Greenwood

Mr S Humphries


Finance & Administration, Site Team and Caretakers

Mrs D Bradford

Finance Officer & Ifield Smile

Mrs D Todhunter

School Secretary

Mrs T Kewell

Pupil Services Officer

Mrs L Picton

Personnel Officer

Mrs C Shed

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs C Hall

Smile Administrator

Mrs L White

Administrative Officer

Mrs S Bains

Management Information Officer

Mr P White

Site Manager

Mr A Hearnden


Mr R Todd


Mr E Acquah

Relief Caretaker

Miss B Hayes

School Cleaner

Miss L Hayes

School Cleaner

Miss C Gibson

School Cleaner

Mrs M Cumiskey

Assistant School Cook

Miss T Ryder

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs L Roach

Kitchen Assistant

Mr F Webb

Community Bus Driver

Mr B Bullen

Woodland Manager

Mrs A Swain

Administrative Officer

Specialist Teams

Speech and Language

Mrs C Parry

Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs K Jewell

Speech and Language Therapist

Miss A Henderson

Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs L Smith

Speech and Language Assistant


Mr M Sims 

ICT & Network Manager

Mr J Andrew

ICT Technician 

Miss J Nayler

ICT Technician 


Mrs D Cooper

School Nurse

  • The Cedar Federation
  • Ofsted Outstanding 2012/2013
  • SEN Specialist Schools
  • Sport England
  • Healthy Schools
  • International School Award
  • Thames Teaching Alliance
  • Kent County Council
  • Ifield Smile
  • iNet
  • Financial Management Standard in Schools
  • Olympic & Paralympic Values
  • Ofsted Outstanding 2010/2011
  • RFS