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Welcome to Magpie Class

Dear visitor,
The pupils have been working hard and enjoying themselves: as has the class teaching team. In each term, we have attempted to link as many curriculum subjects within a theme, helping the pupils to make links and strengthen their learning.
The theme for Term 1 was medieval history, where we compared life in medieval times with the present day, acting out the Battle of Hastings on the site of the battle where King Harold got shot in the eye with an arrow. The Theme for Term 2 was American Colonisation, which included diary writing of John Smith’s adventures and perilous escapes. We made Diva lamps for the Diwali festival and preparing for our Christmas production was fun.
In Term 3, our theme for hot & cold sees us studying an Islamic country in Africa, and contrasting it by life for penguins in the Antarctic. We go back in history, to the Enlightenment in Term 4; get hot and steamy when studying rain forests in Term 5; and we reinforce the school’s links with the Indian sub-continent in Term 6. We also have plans for a summer production of Romeo and Juliet in Term 6.
We hope that you enjoy looking at some snapshots below.
Best wishes from,
Pav Bans, Donna Channon, Melissa Latter, Finnian Rook & Paul Woodger
(Magpie Teaching Team)

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